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FDA designation of microdosing therapy approved in 2019.

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Microdosing mushrooms lowers anxiety and depression.

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Microdosing Mushrooms Improves Holistic Health

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Psilocybin Assisted Therapy in Oregon

Mood Healers recognizes the most common challenge our customers encounter is finding the right microdose schedule to optimize results. Determining the correct daily psilocybin intake is crucial and factors such as hydration, dosing schedule, medications and diet influence microdosing effectiveness.

After experiencing success, customers often choose to increase their daily dosage and we understand financial constraints may hinder access to our products. To address this concern, we are excited to provide turnkey healing programs that include unlimited access to our products and a customized schedule that maximizes the benefits of microdosing. Take the first step toward wellness and complete an Assessment Questionnaire to determine candidacy.

Why Choose MoodHealers?


Fixed Cost. Programs fix the cost of magic mushrooms to budget with confidence.


Guided Treatment. Commitment to results in 3-4 months with ongoing support included.


Easy Start. Flexible payment plans available and only a small deposit required to begin.

Dosage Experience

Micro Dose

150mg – 600mg
enhanced mood
improved focus
increased energy

Macro Dose

1.5g – 2.0g
mild euphoria
acute vision
altered sound perception

Full Dose

3.5g – 4.0g
ego dissolution
kaleidoscopic visuals
time dissociation

Mega Dose

6.0g – 7.0g
out of body experience
altered senses
spiritual awakening

Oregon Therapy Program Summary

Our programs are turnkey healing solutions that integrate various therapeutic practices including psilocybin therapy, individual counseling, group therapy and community support. Experence a compassionate environment, personalized guidance and ongoing adjustments. We match newcomers with successful graduates who offer real-life success stories personalizing insight to recovery.

A holistic approach to health fosters self-understanding and empowerment to create long lasting life changes. These new treatments available only as a participant of clinial studies and university reserach is now available to anyone.



Initial Assessment

The first 8 weeks is most important segment of the program to begin the journey of healing. We provide evidence-based programs, guidance from trained nurses & communty support. After a simple questionaire is completed, a Program Specialist assists in supervising the following:

  • Initial assessment to understand triggers.
  • Psilocybin education for deeper understanding.
  • Tailored recovery plan considering individual needs.
  • Weekly counseling with a trained nurse.
  • Personalized written guidance based on feedback.
  • Group sessions for shared learning.



Dosage Adjustments

After 2 months, our team wlll have a full understanding of your health condition. This portion is most exciting time because patients gain confidence in the success of our turnkey healing programs. Many challenges are overcome by this time and we provide:

  • Adjustments to treatment based on feedback.
  • Continued counseling and group support.
  • Learning from others’ experiences.
  • Mid-term written assessment of progress.

Final Treatment

Before you know it, patients finally enjoy the transformation to complete holistic wellness. This segment is most rewarding time for us because each healing story provides a wealth of clinical evidence to continuously optimize our programs. Patients at this time receive:

  • Further tailoring of the program for optimization.
  • Continued support and community integration.
  • Final evaluation and future recovery strategy.
  • Celebration and reflection on achievements.

Ongoing Support

Mood Healers provides supplement care after the program is complete to ensure the highest quality patient care. We prepare you for what lies ahead receiving all the support, materials & product needed to maintain mental health. Program Specialists will arrange:

  • Long-term engagement with support groups.
  • Regular check-ins with nurse.
  • Access to personalized written resources.

Real MoodHealers Reviews


After discovering the benefits of micro dosing, the next important task was to find a reputable and reliable source. That’s when I found myself lucky to discover Mood Healers. From my initial contacts with the company, they made my experience both seamless and simple transaction from order to delivery. I can’t thank them enough for everything and look forward to many future transactions with a professional company. Thank you.

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Mood healers have been treating me for 4 months. I completely came off 6-7 prescriptions that I’d taken since my early 20’s. ADD, Psoriatic Arthritis, Psoriasis, Bipolar depression . I only take one 1 RX now, ZERO narcotics, smoke cigs 75% left than I did when MH began treating me. I micro-dose, even exercise now. After taking a biologic for years this is the way to go microdosing is saving lives thanks you MH.

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I’ve been using Mood Healers for a few months now and I am genuinely impressed with the overall experience. The quality of their microdosing capsules and mushrooms has been consistently top-notch, providing me with increased focus, reduced anxiety, and a generally uplifted mood.

The customer service at Mood Healers is friendly, helpful, and always ready to assist. They quickly respond to any questions and are committed to ensuring a seamless experience for their customers. The shipping process is fast and efficient, so I never have to worry about running out of my microdosing products.

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Our Products


If you’re looking to improve mental health, we offer microdose capsules that includes Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi mushroom blend. A wide variety of dosages are available. Results from microdosing are long-term and do not have any adverse effects if taken with medication.

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Cooking chocolates is a culinary art and we create each order with love. All ingredients are Non-GMO Project verified. Discover a new alternative to treating anxiety & depression without any side effects.

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Dried mushrooms can be consumed without any processing if you want to try a macrodose or full dose. We recommend this option only if you have experience and are looking for a reputable seller.

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